GlobaLINK Solutions is a Singapore based IT service provider. Focusing on your core competency and let us be the bridge between your business and the world of information technology!

Support & Consulting

We provide consulting and support on MySQL™ database installation, upgrade, setup, administration, management and development.

Web-enabled Business

Your business is going global. You, your partners and your customers need to have access to your business information anytime and anywhere. We have a solution for you!

Software Development

Our knowledge and experience in software design and development allows us to help you design and build your application that is truly internationalized from the beginning.


  • Our Internationalization service covers software and web application. We have internationalized software on various platforms, such as Microsoft ® Windows, Unix, Sun Solaris.


  • Our Localization service covers software and web application. We will help our client to transform website or software products from one culture to perfectly suited for another culture.

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