The process of producing an application that can be localized for a particular country without any changes to the program code. Internationalized applications store their text in external resources, and use locale-sensitive utilities for formatting and collation.

Our Internationalization service covers software and web application. We have internationalized software on various platforms, such as Microsoft Windows, Unix, Sun Solaris.

Our experiences:
  • Our expriences: Unicode support.
  • Eastern Asian language Double-Byte characters (DBCS) support, e.g. Tranditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean.
  • Middle East Language (Right-to-Left writing script) support, e.g. Hebrew, Arabic.

Advantages and benefits:
  • Advantages and Benefits: A single, internationalized code base or binary.
  • Efficient multi-language development process.
  • Simultaneous release multi-language products.
  • Unicode support.

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